Cow milk – 2 l
Rice – 80 g (90 ml)
Sugar – 300 g
Almonds (long slice) – 25 g
Cashew – 50 g
Cardamom (Ealichi) powder – 1 tsp
Saffron (Kesar) – ¼ g


• Soak the Saffron in 50 ml boiling hot water and keep it separately.
• Wash the rice and keep it separately.
• Heat the cow milk in a heavy bottom vessel. When the milk comes to boil, add the washed rice. Continue cooking on a medium flame. When the rice gets cooked and almost starts breaking down, and the texture of milk becomes thick, add sugar.
• Bring the mixture to boil, add almonds, cashew and soaked Saffron (kesar). Cook to the required consistency and add cardamom powder.
• Sweet rice is ready and can be served hot or cold.

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  1. shivanand says:

    i like the recipe.

  2. shivanand says:

    i like sweet rice. and even though the halwa.

  3. Sundar Ananda das says:

    Seems like a good recipe! Nice picture too.

  4. siddhi says:

    Good recipes. Mouth watering and truly part is without onion and garlic. Hare krishna

  5. Manoj says:

    I would like to receive mails…..

    Hare Krishna