For 75 pcs
Hariyali Mawa ( Gulab Jamun Mawa) – 1 kg
Maida (White flour) – 200 gm
Chenna (Freshly Curdled milk) – 200 gm
Mixture of Elaichi and Jaifal Powder – 35ml
Cooking Soda – 2 pinches
Sugar – 3 kg
Water – 2 lit
Milk – 100ml
Ghee – 1 lit


Process :

  • First make a clear sugar solution by mixing sugar and water. Boil this solution and add milk.
  • Make soft dough using Mawa, Maida, Chenna, Elaichi, Jaifal powder, 50gm sugar and little soda. Use water if required. Dough should be soft enough to make smooth crack-less balls of 20gms each.
  • Put one ball in a frying pan with ghee ready at medium hot temperature. Stir without touching the ball. The test of the optimum temperature is that small bubbles would appear on the surface and dough ball pops up to the surface within a minute.
  • Fry all the balls on a slow flame until they turn blackish brown.
  • Take them out with the spoon and check the surface by pressing with the tip of the finger. If it’s not soft, the dough has to be adjusted by adding more soda or changing the quality of the soda.
  • Then dip them in the hot sugar solution. Kala Jamuns are ready.

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