Rice – ½ cup

Mung Dal – ½ cup

Carrot – ½ cup

Beans –1¼ cup

Peas – 1 cup

Pumpkin – 1½ cup

Dudhi – ½ cup

Cauliflower (1” florets) – 2¼ cup

(Total vegetables – 7 cups)

Palak – 4 cups


Ghee – 2/3 cup

Panch phodan – 2¼ tsp

Hing – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – 8 Nos

Chili – 2 Nos

Ginger – 3½ tsp

Tomato (chopped cubes) –300 g

Turmeric – 1½ tsp

Salt – 3 1/3 tsp

Water – 6¾ cup

Yield – 2.8 liter

Average serving per head – 0.56 liter


  • Cut and wash the vegetables as follows
    • Carrot: Peel and cut into ¼” cubes
    • Beans: 1” slant/long
    • Pumpkin: ½” cubes
    • Dudhi: ½” cubes
    • Cauliflower: 1” florets
    • Palak: Chop 1” wide
  • Wash the following thoroughly and then cut or blend
    • Tomato: ¼” chopped cubes
    • Chili: slice into two, lengthwise
    • Ginger: chop fine or grate or blend into a paste
  • Boil the dal and dudhi together for a while and then add the beans, carrot and cook till they soften.
  • Add rice, fresh peas, bhopla and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • In the mean time deep fry (or for a small quantity roast with little oil) the flower.
  • Add the fried Cauliflower to boiling Khichiri.
  • Add palak and salt. Cook all together till the Khichri is done.
  • Use 1/3rd ghee to prepare a tomato paste. For this heat the ghee and add jeera followed by ginger and tomato (either chopped or puréed). Add a portion of the salt and turmeric and cook till a paste like consistency is formed. At this point the ghee will resurface.
  • Prepare tadka with the remaining 2/3rd ghee as follows. Heat the ghee and add panch fodan, hing, chili, ginger, curry leaves, turmeric, salt and tomato one after the other. Make sure that the previous item is well cooked before adding the next to the ghee.
  • Add the Tadka to cooked khichiri and mix. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • It forms a wholesome meal and can be served as a brunch.
  • Note: Large quantity khichiri reqiures extra attention as it can burn at bottom.
  • For large scale start with less water and always keep some extra hot water ready to adjust as per the requirement. (One bundle palak, in general weighs around 400 to 500 g)

Suggested side dishes:

Ghee (molten clear), dahi, papad, achar kichiri ke char yaar.

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